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Cladding Timber Brushed 11 planks 90mm wide

Cladding Timber Brushed 11 planks 90mm wide

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Special Prepared Wooden Planks for Interior and Exterior Cladding

  • Each plank measures 100cm x 9cm
  • Two Variant Thickness Option
  • Unique wood character with natural shades and colours
  • Specially prepared for glue cladding; no more nails or screws, just simple grab adhesive
  • Easy to use, suitable even for individuals without carpentry or DIY skills
  • Experience the joy of working with wood, with each plank offering a rare explosion of natural beauty
  • Each panel is different, telling its own unique story and ensuring an individualized finish unlike mass-produced wallpapers
  • For best results, consider painting the wall in black before cladding
  • Allow wood to acclimate for 48 hours before installation; avoid adjusting temperature for faster drying time
  • We're always available to answer any questions; don't hesitate to contact us
  • Transform your space with our Cladding Timber Brushed planks. Crafted from Reclaimed Wood, each plank boasts a unique texture and is brushed for added character. Perfect for pallet wall cladding or internal decor, these planks measure 90mm wide, 100cm in length, and 0.7cm thick. Elevate your home with these high-quality, same dimension planks.
  • Thank you for choosing our product! We'd love to see your project; please share pictures with us at
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