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 Welcome to Anpio Woods Ltd - Your Rustic Wood Source Discover Anpio Woods Ltd, nestled in scenic Cambridgeshire. We specialize in exquisite wall panelling from reclaimed and new timber. Unveil captivating rustic charm with our reclaimed pallet wood cladding solutions. Our passion is rejuvenating aged wood, bringing out its natural allure.With a deep interest in reclaimed timber and expertise in wood recycling, we've launched an online store. Our mission is delivering unparalleled products. Each timber piece tells a unique story, exuding timeless allure.Choose from elegant wax, earthy oil, or polished varnish, stain, and paint finishes. Our reclaimed pallet wood cladding offers sustainable home decor options.At Anpio Woods, customer service is paramount. We're committed to providing seamless, high-quality experiences. Your satisfaction drives us, ensuring care and professionalism.Embrace reclaimed wood's elegance and vintage charm. Transform your space with character and warmth from Anpio Woods Ltd. Explore our collection and experience timeless beauty in handcrafted timber.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of Old Wood for Your Home.

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