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As a person who love nature, I couldn't ignore the vast amount of wasted wood. This sparked the idea of turning reclaimed wood into something valuable, not just for selling but also to give it a new life. Each piece of wood, exposed to the elements, carries a unique story, marked by time and weather, making it truly exceptional in weight, appearance, and color.

Our journey began with a simple wall shelf and wine rack, but the response was overwhelming. It motivated us to explore further and discover the demand for pallet planks, which quickly found eager buyers on eBay.

Our mission is to create eco-friendly, durable, and easy-to-install products that carry the essence of nature's history. We prioritize customer satisfaction, knowing that our creations grace homes, restaurants, hotels, campers, or become part of unique projects that breathe new life into our planks.

Our dedicated team consists of two individuals: Piotr, the main manager, and Anna, the designer and quality tester. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service and promptly addressing any inquiries related to our products.

Explore our Etsy shop to see the positive feedback from our satisfied customers and the sale of over 2500 products. Going forward, our passion is to continue crafting exceptional compositions and delivering products of the highest quality, cherishing the beauty and history of reclaimed wood.