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9sqm Rustic Reclaimed Wood Boards/Planks - Accent Wall Cladding

9sqm Rustic Reclaimed Wood Boards/Planks - Accent Wall Cladding

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Transform your space with our rustic reclaimed wood planks - perfect for wall cladding and tiling.

Each plank measurement :

Length - 100 cm

Width - 9 cm

Thickness - 0.7 cm

What sets our product apart from cheap bad quality wood other sellers? 

  1. Lightweight & Easy Installation: Our planks weigh only 30-40kg for 10sqm, significantly reducing additional wall weight compared to standard wood. Easy to glue, screw, nail, or even use strong double tape.

  2. Precise & Straightened Edges: Reduce gaps between boards, ensuring a seamless and polished look.

  3. Consistent Width: Each plank is cut to the same width for easy installation.

  4. Versatile Application: Our planks can be used for various projects - wall cladding, tiling, and more.

  5. Minimal Natural Damage: Any split or crack is minimized, maintaining a rustic charm while ensuring durability.

  6. Selection of Old Wood: Crafted from old wood with various wood types for unique character.

  7. Distinctive Selection: Each batch is thoughtfully prepared with varying shades and distressing levels.

  8. Heat-Treated (HT) Pallets: Our planks are sourced from heat-treated pallets for superior quality.

  9. Uniform Length: All planks are the same length for easy installation.

  10. Trusted Experience: With countless satisfied customers and years of experience, we deliver the product you desire.

Our planks are made from real distressed rustic wood, carefully re-sawn for ideal thickness. Any nails or metal objects are meticulously removed during the process, ensuring safety and ease of use.

Elevate your space with a rustic vintage effect, showcasing an array of colors and distinct wood grain. With a smooth finish and natural patina, these planks add charm and character to any setting.

Rest easy knowing our wood is heat-treated, free of toxic chemicals, and safe for your space. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, no special skills are required for installation.

Choose quality and sustainability with our reclaimed wood planks - an eco-friendly choice for your home or project. We ship to the UK and Europe, and fitting services are available upon request.

Don't settle for inferior wood. Embrace the best quality on the market, and create a captivating space with our exquisite reclaimed wood planks.





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