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Rustic Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels | Unique Panelling | Wall Cladding | 10 SQM

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels | Unique Panelling | Wall Cladding | 10 SQM

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Embrace the charm of our Rustic Reclaimed Wood Boards/Planks, crafted with care from upcycled timber. Each plank tells a unique story, with weathered textures and a captivating colour palette. The uniform dimensions make fitting a breeze, and we can accommodate custom sizes upon request. At approximately 6mm thick, they are lightweight and easily installed with grab adhesive.

These boards are perfect for creating a stunning horizontal cladding style, adding character to any space.  You won't find a similar product on the market! Each plank is expertly sanded to a smooth finish, ensuring the best effect for your project. Join us in our commitment to sustainability and elevate your home with these exceptional reclaimed wood boards/planks.

Covering your living room walls with cladding is a cost-effective and stylish choice that eliminates the need for repainting and remains on-trend for years to come. This type of cladding, popularized over 20 years ago, continues to gain popularity due to its timeless appeal and durability. Enhance your living space effortlessly with this practical and fashionable solution

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Reclaimed Wood
  • Dimensions: Length 100 cm,
  • Width 9 cm -  8 cm - 7 cm
  • Thickness: Approximately 7mm (+-1mm)
  • Coverage: 10 sqm








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