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10x Rustic Reclaimed Pallet Planks - Unique Wall Cladding

10x Rustic Reclaimed Pallet Planks - Unique Wall Cladding

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RUSTIC RETRO  BOARD - Crafted from the Finest Natural Pallet Wood:

Introducing our Rustic Retro Boards

Our board for wall panelling meticulously crafted from the highest quality natural wood. This product stands at the forefront of the latest interior decoration trends.

These boards are versatile, suitable for any residential or public utility space.

Please note, these boards are not mass-produced; each one is crafted manually to best quality product. 

Visible cracks, variations in structure and color, discoloration, unevenness, and boat-like warping are inherent aspects of wood and are not subject to complaints.

For a personalized quote, please contact our us 24h help service 

The provided price is for 10 boards  1m long and various width (usually 3-4") 

Technical Specifications:

- Texture: Rough, raw
- Color/Style: Various shades from dark to light with grey brown amber touch 
- Dimensions: Length 100 cm ; Width various from 7cm to 10cm (ask if you want the same )
- Thickness: Approximately 1.8 cm
- Material: Pine , Spruce , Oak , Other 
- Installation: By Screwing ,Nailing or Glue dedicated for rustic boards
*For a personalized quote, please contact our Advisor.

Installation Notes:

- Before installing the boards, leave them in the room for about 24 hours for adaptation to the environment in which they will be installed and used.
- Before installation, it is advisable to plan the pattern by arranging them on the floor.
- The mounting wall should be flat, smooth, clean, dry, and pre-primed 
- For installation, it is recommended to use glue dedicated to rustic boards (ask for adviser )
- Panels expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity, so it is advisable to maintain a gap of approximately 5mm  panels, allowing the wood to function correctly.

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