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1 sqm Rustic Reclaimed Wood - Sanded Planks - Feature Wall Cladding - Width 90mm

1 sqm Rustic Reclaimed Wood - Sanded Planks - Feature Wall Cladding - Width 90mm

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Embrace the charm of our Rustic Reclaimed Wood Boards/Planks, meticulously crafted from upcycled timber. Each plank narrates a unique story, boasting weathered textures and a captivating colour palette. Designed with uniform dimensions, fitting becomes effortless, and we happily accommodate custom sizes upon request. At approximately 7mm thick, these lightweight planks are easily installed with grab adhesive.


Our boards are ideal for creating striking horizontal cladding styles, infusing character into any space. Adhesive is also available upon request for your convenience. With each plank expertly sanded to a smooth finish, expect nothing but the finest quality for your project. Join us in our commitment to sustainability and enhance your home with these exceptional reclaimed wood boards/planks.

Thanks to the 6-7mm thickness, there is no unsightly protrusion of the panels beyond the skirting board and door architrave

Product Specifications:

  • Material: 100% Upcycled Real Wood
  • Composition: Reclaimed Wood
  • Length: 100cm,
  • Width: 9cm
  • Thickness: Approximately 7mm (+-1mm)
  • Coverage: 1 sqm

Precisely Cut to Uniform Thickness and Width: Our rustic boards are meticulously cut to the same thickness and width, ensuring consistency and ease of installation.

In contrast to other manufacturers who employ marketing tricks by presenting lightly machine-brushed products as polished, our product is manually polished to ensure exceptional quality. We prioritize quality over quantity.

Why choose our products:

Handcrafted polishing: Each of our products is meticulously hand-polished, guaranteeing a smooth touch. Exceptional quality: We never compromise on quality. Our products are made with attention to detail to meet the highest expectations of our customers. Satisfaction guarantee: We are confident you will love our products. If you are not fully satisfied, we will gladly offer a refund. Choose our products to enjoy outstanding quality you can rely on.

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