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1 m² Reclaimed Wood Panelling For Van Conversion Thickness 4mm

1 m² Reclaimed Wood Panelling For Van Conversion Thickness 4mm

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If you're seeking a unique material for transforming the interior of your van, look no further. Our Rustic Wood will allow you to create a warm, distinctive effect unlike any other.


With over a decade in the market, our rustic reclaimed wood boards bring a timeless and rustic effect to your walls. Embrace the pallet wall décor trend with our meticulously selected boards, renowned for their authenticity and captivating wooden wall planks.

Installation is a breeze with our lightweight boards and bond-fix adhesive, offering a quick solution for creating a stunning wall panelling.

Each plank, ranging from lengths of 100cm and widths of 70, 80, and 90mm, undergoes a meticulous sanding process, enhancing the distressed wood panels natural beauty and creating a unique texture.

Crafted with a commitment to excellence, our product ensures safety with chemical-free timber and a thorough steam cleaning process before sanding. No nails mar the surface, showcasing our dedication to eco-friendly wall cladding.

At Anpio Woods Ltd, where quality meets artistry, we invite you to elevate your space with the charm of our vintage wall décor. Join the rustic interior design movement and transform your walls into captivating stories of craftsmanship.

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