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Enhanced Grain Rustic Cladding - Per Square Meter

Enhanced Grain Rustic Cladding - Per Square Meter

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Reclaimed Wood Rustic Planks

Amber - Gold Enhanced Grain Effect


Length - 100 cm

Width - 7cm to 14cm (Similar Width Per Each Square Meter)

Thickness - 16 - 20 mm 

Crafted from reclaimed wood, these rustic planks exude an authentic charm that adds character to any space. Planks are thoughtfully sanded on one side to maintain their genuine rustic appeal while ensuring a safe, smooth surface.

Each package contains enough planks to cover an area of 1 square meters .

Planks are carefully grouped to provide a harmonious assortment of widths. This versatile product is perfect for decorative wall coverings, creating rustic wainscoting, and crafting household and garden furniture. It's also well-suited for outdoor decking projects.

Capture the essence of rustic beauty with these reclaimed wood planks that effortlessly elevate your interior and exterior spaces. Embrace the natural aesthetic while enjoying the durability and charm of these unique pieces. Get creative with your designs and bring a touch of history into your surroundings.

Note: Due to the reclaimed nature of the wood, each plank may vary slightly in colour, texture, and appearance, further enhancing its distinctive allures 

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